Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Charles!

Charlie turned two yesterday. It was pretty cute to watch him soak up the day. He kept saying, "I'm so excited!" but I don't really think he knew why. :) I think his favorite gift was a mylar balloon. After dropping Madeline off at preschool, I took him to pick out one. He chose Mickey. And are you aware of this helium shortage? Very weird, but as a result, the ballon cost $6.50.... yeah.... We celebrated Thursday night since Matt would be out of town at a work conference the rest of the weekend. Here is a little peek at our celebration. I'm not sure there is much cuter than a two year old on his birthday.


I tried my hand at cake pops this year.  At the beginning of the process, there were almost tears as the cake kept getting swallowed in the melted candy melts, falling off of the sticks and crumbling to pieces.  I persevered and made them work, although they're not as easy as Bakerella claims! I'm glad I tried them, but I may try something else next time.
You can find the recipe for the Winnie the Pooh and Hunny Cake Pops HERE.

We got a steal of a deal on a train table and set of Thomas trains from a lady that Matt works with. Charlie slept with Harold the Helicopter and Thomas the train that night.

Charlie is a very silly little boy who recently has turned all boy with his love of cars, trains, buses, helicopters and planes. He's always cracking us up with some new phrase of his or his cheesy grin. He loves to read. Some of his latest favorites are Jamberry, We're going on a Bear Hunt, and The Napping House. He also loves puzzles and playing with his sister, although he can definitely cause a little trouble.   Happy, Happy Birthday Charlie! We sure love you around here!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love him! You know he is the reason I got excited about having a little boy. He is so stinkin' cute. Good work Mal (and Matt....kinda ;)

  2. I watched the video of Mr. Charlie with Pops and Samantha, and Pops's comment was, "I'm so happy for those kids, they have the best parents!" We love Charlie too, and I especially thought his answer to "who's party is this?" was cute. "Mine's!"