Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally Snow!

We went to bed last night with the forecast saying 8-12 inches overnight.  We heard an icy snow/rain against our window all night and woke up to ice on the grass.  We laughed since we're still waiting to see winter in the midwest these last two years.  But all morning it has been snowing and it's starting to pile up.  I took the kids out and within a few minutes we had icy wind burns on our cheeks.  It's not exactly "play all day in the snow" kind of snow.  It's a cold, wet, frozen blizzard out there, but we're happy to have a white winter, especially in time for Christmas.

We're also ready for Tuesday because we visited Santa last weekend.  This Santa makes me teary when I see him.  He was there last year, too.  He looks pretty darn real and is the sweetest, kindest man.  He acts like each kid is the only one that matters and is so tender.  He might have me convinced he's the real thing. :)

Madeline asked for "a snowflake that floats around my house."  Not sure what to make of that request. :)  And Charlie refused to look at Santa and was mute.

I'm getting a little giddy thinking about Christmas on Tuesday.  Matt will be home, we'll make good food, enjoy being together and remind each other of why we have so many reasons to be happy.

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  1. I love that we sit our kids on a scary old man's lap and have them tell him something dear to their heart. Way to take a stand, Charlie. And Madeline, I love that you are a dreamer. I hope you find that snowflake!