Saturday, October 27, 2012

A little tour through D.C.

Ok, I'm feeling up to blogging again.  Between sickness after sickness (thank you preschool) and morning all day sickness, I have been lacking a little in the motivation department, but our trip last month was too great not to post about:

We decided to take a roadtrip for fun to Washington D.C.  We have good friends from San Diego that now live in MD that we were excited to see, and Matt had been in the spring and was anxious to show me around.  We also weren't sure if we'd ever live this close again, so we took the plunge and drove the 15 hours.

The drive out there was beautiful, fast and event-free.  It was fun to drive through states I've never been through. The kids did awesome, only needing to stop when we stopped for gas.

It was so fun to stay with our friends and see their new baby.  It was also amazing to see all of the sights and museums around D.C.

Above: Matt and I by the Potomac River. I love cities with rivers running through them.  It's nice to have Madeline around to take a picture.  If only Matt wasn't so tall... ;)  The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument were of course very memorable. 

After a long day of sight seeing, we waited with the kids at Sculpture Garden while the boys went and got the car.  The kids had fun playing by the beautiful fountain and running from an eerily friendly, unafraid squirrel.

The Clawsons scheduled a tour to see the Capitol.  Their new baby was only three weeks old.  Can you believe they let us come land at their place for a week and drag them around D.C. with us?!  They're the best. The Capitol was beautiful.  Charlie especially enjoyed it curled up on Matt's shoulder.

The museums were lots of fun and I couldn't believe they were all free admission.  The kids enjoyed the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.  On our last day, our friends watched our kids all day so Matt and I could go explore on our own.  I didn't get any pictures, but one of my favorites was Arlington National Cemetery.  It was extremely humbling to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  We also had lunch and wandered through the National Gallery of Art.  That was really amazing.  
Another place I loved walking through was the American History Museum.  One of my favorite exhibits there was the first ladies' room.  They had on display all of their inaugural dresses and the china they had when they were in the office.  The history of the American wars, was also very interesting.
We also couldn't leave without stopping in to see the National Archives.  Pretty darn cool!

I really enjoyed our visit.  It was so much fun to eat good food, make yummy treats, stay up late playing games and to visit with old friends.  I also remembered how great our country is and what went in to it's  beginnings.  I wish everyone could just go walk around and remember that.  It made me feel very patriotic.  I want to take our family back when our kids are older.

Our drive home was not as thrilling as the drive there.  I was less prepared with activities/surprises, we found out that Charlie also has motion sickness, the kids were tired and ready to be out of the car, but it was so worth it to be together as a family and experience some of our country's history.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little News...

We are all very excited and happy that so far things look great.  I had an ultrasound yesterday.  I'm about 12 weeks.  I was amazed at how clear that little thing was.  And even the third time, I was giddy watching that baby wriggle and move as I saw those tiny fingers moving around by her face.  Yes, I really think it's a girl.  I guessed right with the first two.  Madeline would be ecstatic, but I have a feeling she'll be happy doting on a baby, be it boy or girl.

We're a little nervous about pre term labor again.  I've been pretty consistent with starting that at 27 weeks in the past. My doctor wants to try having me take progesterone from 16-36 weeks as it is recently known to prevent pre term birth.  Pre term birth hasn't been my problem in the past, but it could help prevent or at least delay early contractions, dilating and effacing.  I feel good about just being able to try something this time.  Hopefully we'll see some results.  My pregnancies haven't been terrible, just mostly inconvenient with 10 weeks of bed rest,  but it's a short amount of time in the big scheme of things and we'll make it work.

We have had a fun month. We spent a week in Washington D.C. and another weekend with Matt's colleagues at a lake cabin. I have a lot to catch up on. Lots of picture posts to follow...