Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Big 5 already?!

It's feeling a little weird to have a five year old.  On a health insurance benefits page, it categorized 5 as being "middle childhood".  Crazy!

I'm not one of those moms that plans a big birthday party every year.  In fact, Madeline has never had a friend party.  This year we wanted to do something social, so we gave her the choice of having a friend party or taking one friend to go and do something special.  She chose to take a friend to Build a bear since she had never been.  I was happy about that. :)

On the day of her birthday, I took the kids out to lunch, and we had her requested dinner - Tuscan Tomato Soup with grilled cheese.  (what five year old asks for that?  We love that recipe. You must try it.) We also made her requested cake - a butterfly with white cake and pink frosting.  I let her decorate it how she wanted.  We played "pin the bow" on Hello Kitty and opened gifts.  Watching her this Christmas and birthday, I have loved that it's not hard to please a little five year old. She was absolutely thrilled with the pink balloons I snuck into her room and put on her ceiling during the night. :)

The next Saturday was the big friend part.  We picked up her friend and headed to the mall. They chatted excitedly on the way. Charlie and Matt became bored quickly, so they went to play on the playground while the girls focused on shopping.  Picking out their stuffed animal was easy.  They both wanted the gingerbread hello kitty and they both wanted to name theirs Ginger.  It was picking out the outfit that took forever!  Watching these two girls made me laugh.  They went back and forth and back and forth.  At one point, her friend said, "you can't put a winter hat with a spring dress!"  Watch out teenage years... But with some help, they both walked away pretty happy and excited.

It has been really rewarding to watch Madeline's social progress over this last year.  A lot of you were so kind with suggestions to this post about starting preschool.  Well, now she absolutely loves it, and loves her friends and the activities she does there.  A few days ago, Matt accidentally took her booster seat to work and by the time I realized it, we were too late to figure out an alternative and just skipped preschool that morning.  Madeline bawled.  I thought that was a good sign. :) I also picked her up one day and three separate teachers said she had had them all laughing during snack time telling them about a crazy day we'd had where things kept going wrong.  She is still reserved in new situations and big groups, but she has grown a lot in confidence. She gave this little talk in church a few weeks ago.  Matt and I were so nervous for her - funny, when we both have been in some nerve-wracking situations with work and harp. It's weird how much you get nervous for your kids.  We thought she did great and are really happy she is feeling more comfortable expressing herself.

Madeline is such a great little girl.  She can definitely still throw a pretty good, irrational, dramatic tantrum now and then, but most of the time she's a big help, so thoughtful, a great big sister and our really good friend. Happy Birthday, Madeline! We really love you!


  1. That talk is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And of course well organized and cohesive (which I will give you major props for since I know it took time to help her prepare)!

  2. Madeline is such a sweetheart. Happy Birthday Madeline! I loved her sweet little talk at church too.

  3. What a fun time in her life. I love the picture where her and her friend are smiling so big and holding their Build A Bear boxes.

  4. Those build-a-bear pictures are so sweet! I think we'll try the Tuscan Tomato Soup this weekend in honor of Madeline. Miss you guys!

  5. Watched the talk - such a cute idea to video it! I'm going to do that next time. And I'm totally copying the idea to put balloons in Brianna's room for her to wake up to! Love it!