Friday, March 1, 2013

The last weeks of pregnancy.

My mom planned on coming out to visit because we thought I'd be on bedrest.  Well, I'm still not!  What a blessing. But she decided to come anyway.  It was fun to have her here.  She kept me company, played with the kids, cooked, cleaned, helped me organize and finish projects.  The kids loved having her attention.

I only have about 6 weeks left of being pregnant (hopefully).  This pregnancy has felt a little different. It's gone by fast because I'm busy with kids and life (not really following my weekly emails of what vegetable size he is, like with my first!), and I have mixed emotions about delivery approaching.  This pregnancy has been a lot tougher physically.  Not only am I just plain bigger (and growing...), but I've had aches and pains for months, can't sleep well, can't walk well..etc.  So I'm feeling ready for that part to be over and ready to be active and mobile and sleep in a normal position. But other times, I realize that he is much easier to take care of in utero! and that our life as we know it will change and there will be a lot of adjusting for everyone.  In July Matt will be working two hours away during the week, which will be interesting.  So I've been kind of been having different feelings during this home stretch.

But today, I was organizing some videos and came across this little gem. I couldn't help but grin and feel excited to meet this new little baby and for our kids to have another sibling and to watch our family grow.  Life doesn't get much better than these cute kids.


  1. Oh my goodness he has the cutest laugh!! How fun to have another sibling to make laugh and play with. Lucky Kids!

  2. Oh, I really needed that laugh today...thanks Charlie! What a cutie. I am so happy that you have made it this far. So sorry you are uncomfortable. I think every pregnancy gets a little harder and harder. Hang in there, you are almost there!!

  3. That really is the sweetest video. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Ugh, those last weeks of discomfort.... no fun. We go through a lot to bring these kids into the world! Totally worth it... but still hard to make it through the nights.

  4. Oh it's so true Mal! All of the above! Having children is so uncomfortable in every way and yet you said it best when you said they give "purpose" to life. I hope for your sake that little boy comes at 37 weeks and that he's as healthy as ever! And maybe he'll surprise you and let you sleep ;) You're my shining example! I am obsessed with that video. It's basically the best ever!