Friday, May 3, 2013

And then we were 5!

Where does the time go?  How could we possibly have had this little guy for two weeks already?!  There isn't a whole lot of time for blogging or anything else besides playing/caring/cleaning up after/disciplining a preschooler, toddler and newborn.  But that's ok.  My mom was generous enough to take care of us last week and my dad came for the weekend.  The kids loved all of the attention.  This week we are on our own! I go back and forth between feeling confident and overwhelmed. This quote has been flowing through my mind very regularly lately and it brings me a lot of perspective and peace.  There really is nothing better I can be doing.

Everett Taylor Weed - Born April 17, 2013 at 2:39 pm. 8 pounds, 10 ounces


His Birth Story:

Since I had been dilated to a five for almost two weeks, my doctor said she'd schedule me to go in at 39 weeks. It worked out perfectly since my mom flew in the day before. Matt and I were able to leisurely head to the hospital the morning of April 17. We even got doughnuts on the way.  We had incredible thunder and lightning storms all night, so driving there in the dark, stormy weather made it even more fun.

We checked in and settled in our room.  The ob team came in, broke my water and Matt and I hung out, watched the crazy storm and flooding out our window and chatted. We hadn't decided on a name yet, Matt suggested Thor because of the seriously intense storm happening.  I couldn't tell if he was serious or not! I was having regular contractions, but wasn't really in pain.  Two hours later I had progressed to a 7. They wanted me to tell them when I was in pain so i could get my epidural since they had to work me in around a couple of twin c-sections.  I was nervous about waiting too long since there was a real chance i would miss my opportunity since i have fast deliveries.

When my contractions started to get more uncomfortable, I said, I think we better get that epidural.  By the time they got set up, the contractions were really getting intense.  It took all my strength and focus to hold still.  I didn't realize I was sweating profusely and clenching a pillow.  But minutes after the epidural, I felt my body go warm and calm.  It was incredible how within minutes the pain was much more manageable.  I remember thinking, "Who wouldn't get this?!"  I felt comfortable for the first time in months.  I relaxed in the bed and about 20 minutes later told Matt that I thought I was ready to push.  The doctors came in, and 10 minutes later our little guy was born. They were surprised that he was so big - 8lbs 10 ounces.  Immediately after birth, he was ready to nurse and has been a great little nurser since. We had both liked the name Everett and felt it fit him. (Sorry, Thor) and Taylor is a family name that Matt has always liked.

Matt and I were talking about how amazing the whole process is and how it's a miracle that everything can turn out alright.  Even though this is my third time, I was just as in awe and felt instant love for this sweet boy.

Since my mom was here, Matt and I took full advantage of our hospital stay.  My private room had a huge, deep jetted tub, I let the nurses wait on me and enjoyed the food deliveries as much as one can from a cafeteria.

My mom brought the kids in to meet Everett the first night.  They were excited and anxious to hold him.  Two year old Charlie snuggled up in my bed with me and said, "Mommy? Did the baby come out of your tummy?  I said, "Yes." Charlie then said, "Does that mean you can hold me now?" Poor little guy! He had obviously given this some thought.  With pre term labor risks I had often told him I couldn't carry him.  I'm trying to give him lots of cuddle time now.  Madeline's comments had more to do with how I still looked like I had a baby in my tummy. :)  She was so excited to tell her school and church classes about her new baby.

Life at home has been good. My recovery has been fast and Everett (so far) is a pretty easy going baby. My only complaint is being tired, but I knew that was coming.  The kids are adjusting and can be needy and emotional, but I was also expecting that.  Madeline has been a big help, always wanting to hold him and help me.  Charlie  is having a harder time - not sleeping well, always wanting me to hold him, crying a lot, etc.  But hopefully we'll all adjust quickly and settle into a groove and I will remember to be calm and patient and keep things in perspective.

I feel very blessed that this little family is mine and that Heavenly Father sent this perfect little babe to our home.  He is awfully sweet and I don't think I could ever get tired of his grunts and groans, stretches, and snuggles.

Wish us luck!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! He is absolutely adorable! So happy for all of you and love his name. We have such similar pregnancy and labor stories, it is kind of crazy. Good luck in the coming days and congrats again!

  2. Oh the baby noises :) I love them. So happy for you mal. Elder Anderson's quote is perfect! Just keep chugging and look for the tender mercies

  3. You will do awesome as a mother of 3! He is adorable just as his big siblings are.

  4. Sydney read this post aloud to me while we drove to Target this afternoon. We're so happy for you guys, and also a little afraid of having, in our case, a second. Thanks for always being such a good example, since day one of med school until now. You guys are so awesome. And for the record, I would have voted for Thor.

  5. I loveloveLOVE that quote you shared!
    And I love reading birth stories :) (especially happy ones!)
    congrats a million times.
    Motherhood really is fantastic (and overwhelming!)
    Love you!

  6. These pictures are priceless, and Malerie, I've never seen anyone look so beautiful after a birth!
    I'm looking forward to being there soon, and hopefully you can get a little more sleep then!

  7. I'm late here reading about the birth - so happy for you! I'm at 33 weeks on Monday, almost there. Crazy he's already a month old, it goes by too slow during pregnancy and too fast once they're born (sigh)