Friday, June 28, 2013

2 + months

I'm not really sure what we've done for the last two months, but I'm happy to report we're all alive and happy. I think we're getting used to our new family situation and I'm feeling more capable and relaxed about taking care of these three rascals. The other night I got all three asleep by 7:30 pm while Matt worked late and I felt on top of the world. (It's the little victories for moms!)

Matt's mom came to visit and we had so much fun with her. She spoiled us and gave me a much needed break. We also blessed Everett at church. I'm so thankful I get to be with my family forever.

Everett is starting to seem more grown up. He's awake a lot more, smiling, interacting with us and showing us his personality. He doesn't like to be left alone on the floor. As soon as someone comes near him, he'll stop crying. He loves to be held and talked to and is starting to sleep a little longer at night. It makes me excited to watch this little guy grow.

Matt took the kids camping with some friends. They had a lot of fun and I enjoyed a couple of days of sleep and quiet with Everett.

Madeline finished a round of swimming lessons. She did really well and had a great time. I forget that a year ago, she would hardly talk or look someone in the eye.  Now she is much more social and comfortable with new situations. I'm so glad she's more confident.
We've been enjoying a summer schedule.  Not so much the summer weather, though.  It's hot and humid and the bugs are out in full force. We've had some crazy thunderstorms and our tornado siren has gone off quite a few times.  A couple of days ago I got an alert on my phone that said our area had a tornado warning and to get in a safe shelter immediately.  I took the kids down to the basement and checked the weather report. A few minutes later, sure enough, the skies turned eerily dark and what looked like a monsoon was upon us. As I watched the reports, I learned that a series of tornadoes had touched down in the area - one that was 15 minutes north of us.  We love Iowa City but this weather makes me nervous. These thunder and lightning storms are intense and they come without warning!

Next up on our summer list? Matt starts his 10 week rotation in Des Moines (2 hours away) and a much anticipated trip to Spokane!


  1. Thanks for these great pictures! We sure love you guys!

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