Monday, August 5, 2013

Time with Daddy

We have really missed Matt as he's been working in Des Moines all summer.  I know he's been pretty lonely too.  I thought he'd enjoy the quiet bachelor life, but I think there's something pretty comforting about coming home to your family at the end of a hard day.

But he's able to come home for the weekends, so we've been living it up when he's home.

This weekend was blueberry fest at our local orchard.  It was a gorgeous day and we felt like there was no other place we wanted to be than that beautiful orchard together.  We went for a tractor ride, picked apples, played games and ate cider doughnuts, cherry turnovers and blueberry buckle.  Yum....

It was a great weekend and I'm reminded of just how wonderful being together with our little family is. September can't come fast enough!


  1. This was my favorite thing I've done in several weeks.

  2. Yay for orchards and doughnuts!!

  3. This looks so fun! What a great memory this will be.

  4. drooling at the thought of cider doughnuts...