Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's about time.

As you can tell, blogging and reading other blogs have really taken a backseat the last few months.  Surviving with three kids and a busy husband, birthdays, baby showers, church responsibilities, and Halloween costumes have taken their place!  I'm not even going to try to catch up, but one big thing that happened was Charlie's big 3rd birthday on September 7th. He seems very grown up since Everett was born.  He is really into legos and loves cruising around really fast on his little balance bike.

I have been working hard on the kids' costumes this year.  This is the first year they have been old enough to request very different things so there was no coordinating, but I love that each one fits them perfectly.  Madeline and I looked all over the internet for some ideas and she settled on a butterfly.  Charlie LOVES playing with legos so we found a very easy and cheap way to make a lego costume - a cardboard box with cups glued on.  Everett didn't really have a choice in the matter.  I had seen a cute little chicken costume on Martha Stewart's website.  He hates it when I put it on.  I actually feel kind of bad for him.  It can't be fun to have all of those feathers smothering you.  But he's been a good sport and I think he looks pretty darn cute.  I've had people ask if it's really worth it to make them.  Cost-wise I definitely saved some bucks, but they take a lot of time and thought.  I really like doing it and having a challenge and keeping busy with creative things.  I might go crazy if I didn't have a creative outlet. :)

Today we went to our favorite orchard, picked pumpkins, had fresh cider and turnovers and the kids donned their costumes for a little trick or treat. Madeline gets to have their class bear, Duffy, home this weekend so we dressed him up too. It's been a lovely fall day.